Sell wine from Marchesi Antinori - The history of Marchesi Antinori Srl

Marchesi Antinori Srl: A traditional company with Italian heritage

Marchesi Antinori Srl is a renowned Italian wine company whose roots date back to 1385. The history of this family business is marked by innovation and importance, especially during the "super Tuscan" revolution in the 1970s.

The beginnings of Antinori

The origins in Calenzano: Rinuccio di Antinoro and winemaking

The history of Marchesi Antinori began near Calenzano, where Rinuccio di Antinoro was first mentioned as a winemaker in 1180. The Castello di Combiate, where the family operated, was destroyed in 1202. The family then moved to Florence, where they became involved in silk weaving and banking. In 1385 Giovanni di Piero Antinori joined the winemakers' guild. This was the official start of the wine business

Rise and challenges - From Palazzo Antinori to the title of Margrave

Antinori's fame grew over the years, allowing them to purchase Palazzo Antinori in 1506. They were hit hard by the economic impact of the Spanish conquests and gold from the New World. After this period of decline, in the 18th century the family obtained the prestigious title of Margrave of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine.

The birth of the "Super Tuscans" - Tignanello and the wine revolution of 1974

In 1974, Antinori released the first vintage of Tignanello, a wine from the vineyard of the same name that contained Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. This innovation shook the Italian wine industry and led to sweeping changes in rules and attitudes. Although Tignanello was not the first "Super Tuscan," it was instrumental in the development of this category of wine.

Expansion and diversification - Antinori's global presence and investments

To meet the challenges of the 1980s and 1990s, Antinori invested in wineries and vineyards. This included the acquisition of the Atlas Peak winery in California in 1985 and the expansion of 325 hectares around Badia a Passignano in 1987. Antinori also expanded its presence to Piedmont and Puglia and established joint ventures in various countries such as Hungary, the United States, Malta, Romania and Chile. The Antinori family has thus not only consolidated its roots in Tuscany, but also extended its influence worldwide.

The vineyards of Antinori - Tignanello: the famous vineyard

One of the most famous vineyards of Antinori is Tignanello, acquired in 1900. This vineyard extends over 47 hectares and gives its name to the famous Tignanello wine. Since the 1970s this wine has been classified as Vino da Tavola and since the 1990s as IGT Toscana. Tignanello is made from a blend of 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc. This vineyard belongs to the Santa Cristina estate, also known as Tenuta Tignanello.


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